Residential Movers

Residential Movers

Five steps to follow when searching for moving companies

If you make your mind to hire moving companies, you have to be very careful in order to get a professional reputable moving company. The best thing with taking your time to research on a potential mover helps you assure of a move that is stress free. This article focuses on those research steps.

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Kelly Ruka

Starting point: Referrals

One of the best ways of beginning your research is by getting referrals. While the web searches and the yellow pages (in case you are internet oriented) can actually help, referrals can lead you to the best alternative. Ask your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues at work concerning their experiences. You can also approach some people who moved, say twelve months ago, because the qualities of local movers do change over time.


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Price is always a factor to consider when moving but it is not the only factor. Indeed, many people think that safety, reliability and quality are more important. When you trust a total stranger to move all your items that alone puts price in some perspective. Besides, if you get an approximation that is more than a third lower than your next lowest approximation, it is a great idea to know why.  More often than not, very low approximations suggest that such a mover is either desperate or inexperienced. These reasons shouldn’t be encouraged.


Moving companies are usually under the control of the local, state and federal laws. According to state laws, even though they vary from state to another, moving companies aren’t required to bear separate licenses. On the other hand, the federal laws require companies to obtain licenses from the DOT (Department of Transportation) if they transport items interstates but the same laws don’t regulate local movers. However, all the regulations at the three levels require moving companies to proof that they are both financially and legitimately stable in case bad things happen during moves. As such, they are supposed to insure their services and people are advised to file claim forms when the worst happens.

Investigate Potential Movers

After getting the basic details concerning your potential mover, it is advisable to launch an investigation about them so as to obtain opinions from third parties as well as consumers evaluations. From such people you will get crucial advice and also complaints that may have been raised against your mover and that way you will be in a better position to make your final decision. The DOT also has a website that is purposely for protecting ‘your move’. This site will provide you with links that lead to individual moving companies.

Rogue Movers

The DOT provides particular warnings about the so called rogue movers. These movers do offer low estimates for moves but they end up demanding exorbitant fees so as to get your household items out of their trucks.

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