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Piano Movers

Piano Movers

Four questions that people ask concerning Piano Moving companies

The piano is a very special instrument to us especially when we want to play it on our own or listen to tunes as played by another person. That is the reason many people do buy piano. Now the question is, ‘how will we relocate our home and make sure that our piano or the other instruments are safe?’ Well, there is no need to worry as there are many piano moving companies at your service.

Hands down the best mover I have ever used, and I have moved 21 times! Super fast, which saved us money on the hourly rate, polite, professional and helpful with putting beds together and installing washer and dryer. I will def use them again if needed. Awesome moving company.
Kelly Ruka

You can always approach one of these companies, but be careful in your move as there are also rogue piano moving companies. You will, by so doing get all the details you wanted to know as far as the companies in this business are concerned. The kind of in for you will get can be seen in the following questions:

Pricing Guide

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Why hire professional piano moving firms?

This is a good question as many people ask themselves the same but haven’t got the person to answer them. There are many benefits associated with working with professionals including the piano movers. For example, they are well trained and have a considerable experience in their area of specialization and thus they are reliable.

How do you move pianos?

When you approach movers, with a specialization in this field, they come to your house so as to see what piano you are moving. Even if you have already told them, they just want to be sure of what they are about to move. In a nut shell, you will get around 3 to 6 technicians who will take the details of your piano. There after, they will be back on the moving date will the necessary equipment. The best thing with professionals is that they have the equipment and they also take the necessary precautions that your piano deserves. This is actually is what differentiates them from the other kinds of movers.

Are all piano moving professionals equal?

The answer is obvious but somewhat common. Movers just like other business people, vary a lot in terms of experience and quality. Some piano moving companies are more prepared and better equipped compared to others and portray more integrity and care than others. The only way to get a reliable piano moving firm is to get referrals or recommendations from people who have enjoyed such services before. Or else you can approach the local piano technician, teacher and stores so as to know the one to hire. Piano shops particularly hire high quality as well as reliable movers so as to reduce the damage risk for their instruments. They will advise you to hire a company that has insured their services just in case the unforeseen does occur.

Do all piano movers have insurance covers?

Unfortunately, the response is no! What you have to do is make sure that your company has got automotive/commercial insurance, content/cartage insurance and the workman’s safety insurance.

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