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Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers

Three cost-saving tips while searching for Long Distance Movers firms

A friend of mine was moving to a new state and didn’t know what to do especially with the kids and their play things not forgetting the other important household item. Besides the children’s play things, there were two pets; a dog and a cart. He would have given them away to his relatives but he was not ready to compromise his kids happiness by doing such a thing had to remind him of the long distant movers. And he had a stress free move! The best thing about his move is that he saved a few dollars.

You too can save if you followed the following three tips

Hands down the best mover I have ever used, and I have moved 21 times! Super fast, which saved us money on the hourly rate, polite, professional and helpful with putting beds together and installing washer and dryer. I will def use them again if needed. Awesome moving company.
Kelly Ruka

Hire a driver directly

One thing you don’t know about the long distant movers is that they usually subcontract the long distant tasks to drivers. The drivers will in turn look for a moving crew on their own. If you approached say a driver from a given long distant company, you will have an opportunity to save yourself a chuck of typical moving expenses. You will also be saved the agony of  indulging customer care service agents  fro their respective moving offices, and the driver might not provide you with insurance cover as far as your items are concerned like a company would do, but the bottom line here is saving money.

Long Distance Pricing

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

You might be wondering how to get hold of such a driver but is is not a hard task as you thought. In fact, for my friend’s case, we got a driver via a big moving firm but by now we got his contact details and because we loved his occasion, if our family friends or neighbors are in search of a long distant movers driver, we can help them by calling the guy immediately.

Look for free moving Boxes

Another way in which you can save money as you move is looking for free moving boxes. Are they available? Of course there are plenty and within your reach only that you haven’t considered them. For example, when you moved to your current house you bought two or so moving boxes. I am assuming that you had just a few items but imagine if you had a lot of belongs; you would have bought several of them. The point is that, here you have the used boxes that lay idle in your house. Such boxes can be borrowed by your relatives who are about to move and this way save some money that would have been otherwise spent to buy new boxes.

Besides, some long distant mover’s companies offer used boxes for free for those of you who don’t have enough money to buy their own boxes. Also you can approach individuals, of course not strangers who just moved   to use their moving boxes.

Getting rid of stuff

You can also save some cash by getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore. What if you drove five stuff carloads to the nearest thrift store or the free recycling shop? You will sell some of these items and make some money.

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